About Us

What happens when you combine one brother who is passionate about statistics and algorithms and another brother who is an experienced online trader and Bitcoin guru?

The result is Crypto Profit – a leading, intuitive automated trading software that enables anyone to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies profitably

The Beginning

I remember the night it all started. I walked into my brother’s study and watched him working away at his computer as usual. This time though, something caught my eye. Besides his usual pages that look like loads of numbers, he had open on his desktop, a trading chart for Bitcoin. I was immediately intrigued by what he was doing and when he explained to me that he was working on a cryptocurrency trading algorithm, I was hooked.

We worked through the night sharing our knowledge and by the morning, we had the most powerful, fully automated trading software for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Superior Analysis and Technology

The Crypto Profit software has a powerful algorithm that has been tried, tested and proven. It scans the financial markets with impressive speed and accuracy, compares huge amounts of historical data, and pinpoints potentially profitable trading opportunities. The benefit of this is that even new traders can now trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies profitably. As a fulltime trader, I was so impressed with the software and that I now use it personally. Without fail Crypto Profit does an even better job than I ever could, plus is does it in seconds.

Another big plus is that the Crypto Profit software is automated. As an experienced trader, I really understand the many hours you need in order to sit in front of the computer and to monitor the financial markets. Since Crypto Profit will open and close trades on your behalf, even without any human intervention, you can now do other things while the software trades.

I also spent many hours explaining to my brother that each trader is different. For example, I like to open riskier trades and use very specific strategies when trading the financial markets. He incorporated all this information by allowing for the full customization of the Crypto Profit software by the user to their exact needs. That is, you can set your trading parameters based on your personal trading skills and preferences. You can select the assets you want the Crypto Profit software to trade, you can select the amount you want to invest in each trade, the risk level and much more.

It is all these features that make Crypto Profit stand out from the rest and it’s what makes this app one of the most profitable and consistent crypto trading apps in the market.

Leading the Way in Online Crypto Trading

Crypto Profit is effective and whether you are completely new to the online trading world or a seasoned professional, our automated trading app will enable you to trade accurately and profitably. Our work is never done, and every day, we work hard to continue improving the algorithm and the functionality of Crypto Profit.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our Crypto Profit community and to get the chance to really experience the power of this incredible software and the financial freedom it can bring you. With Crypto Profit, it truly is possible.